Audio Static

    The Future Sound of London

    Issue 153

    Handel cancels his future streaming service. "We will, we will rock you...We will, we will rock you..."

    4 comments on “The Future Sound of London”

    1. Please, please, please use simple block diagrams to illustrate all the various elements of system interconnections/devices. The problem with experts writing is that they are experts.

      1. I copied your comment and put it on the previous page as I thought that was where you meant to post it.
        Hope that’s OK.
        BTW, I agree wholeheartedly!

        regards, Ian

    2. Hi Ian, Thanks for your comment. In my antipodean defence, I generally don’t do ‘funnies’ (the Xmas cartoon is a quirk). An example of a ‘funny’ I enjoyed drawing is in Issue 129; for the something to think about, refer to Issue 153, and most everything else. Humour is deeply personal so I run my comedic art by a loose review panel of friends, including Melbourne University science professor, Paul Boon and the retired news editor of The Age (think New York Times). They’re not comedians, but they’re smart. If they don’t like them, I dump them. The other guy I send these to – at his request – is Australian broadcaster, Phillip Adams (look him up). Peter Xeni

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