Opening Salvo

    See You in Chicago?

    Issue 56

    Welcome to Copper #56!

    With the recent Montréal Audio Fest, the western hemisphere’s spring show season is officially underway. Our resident Montréalais Richard Murison took a look around the show, and his report is here. Soon after you read this, Axpona will be underway in suburban Chicago, and we’ll be there to bring you the sights.

    Our resident LA musician, Dan Schwartz, had a lengthy conversation with concert promoter/raconteur Rikki Farr, known for being an early promoter of the Beatles and for his association with the Isle of Wight festival. The first of three installments is here. I think you’ll really enjoy this.

    Galen Gareis concludes his two-parter on speaker cable design, here. Thanks to Galen for all his efforts with the extensive cable series. It’s a tough subject, for a tough audience!

    Our regulars offer a lot of enjoyable reading this issue. Larry Schenbeck concludes his second two-parter (confusing, no?), Violin +Orchestra; Dan Schwartz tells us about the sound of microphones; Richard Murison goes from the specific to the general, with a look at Hi-Fi Shows; Roy Hall’s 20th column, “Mykonos”, appears in this issue. In classic Hall style, the story includes a far-away place, alcohol, deception, and nudity. I’m truly glad I was able to cajole you into writing, Roy! Anne E. Johnson brings us indie artist Michelle Zauner ; Industry News looks at debt, and a number of companies that have been killed by it; and I look at the messy topics of ergonomics and that damned past. Anne also brings us Something Old/Something New, featuring  recent recordings of the Schubert masterpiece, Winterreise.

    Copper #56 concludes with a classic twisted cartoon by Charles Rodrigues, and a beautiful Parting Shot from Paul McGowan.

    Woody Woodward and Jay Jay French will both return next issue.

    Thanks for reading, and see you at Axpona! (BTW: PS Audio will have food and refreshments in the Journey/Creation room….)

    Cheers, Leebs.

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