Opening Salvo

    Only Two More Days Till Tomorrow

    Issue 134

    With Copper’s new format, long “Opening Salvo” intros take up a lot of space when viewed on a phone, so we’ll keep them short from now on.

    This line from Gary Wilson from his song “I Wanna Take You On A Sea Cruise” seems appropriate for the times: “Hey baby, there’s only two more days till tomorrow!”

    In this issue: Anne E. Johnson offers retrospectives on cinematic storyteller Randy Newman and on troubadours ancient and modern. Tom Gibbs reviews new releases from Frank Zappa, Charles Lloyd and Dr. Lonnie Smith. J.I. Agnew begins a series on historic tape recorders with a look at the Studer A80 and interview with Paul Gold of Salt Mastering. Roy Hall has memories of “Hey Jude.” Wayne Robins digs Rita Indiana. Steven Bryan Bieler realizes it’s all about the bass. Ken Sander celebrates Thanksgiving at the Fillmore East. Jay Jay ponders streaming audio quality.

    What’s it like to suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity? We ask Dav Bedi of RadiAsian.London to find out. Stuart Marvin interviews groundbreaking music promoter Eppy Epstein of My Father’s Place, Russ Welton interviews Yamaha UK, and Ray Chelstowski wraps up his talk with keyboardist extraordinaire Chuck Leavell. Alón Sagee gets high at Mount Everest. Don Kaplan tells us about more favorite recordings. John Seetoo interviews iconoclastic producer/engineer Sylvia Massy. Adrian Wu continues his series on open reel tape. James Whitworth loses ground, Peter Xeni avoids social stigma, Audio Anthropology is on the beam and our Parting Shot looks further on.

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