Opening Salvo

Octave Pitch and Other Notes

Issue 124

We have a new president and vice president-elect. I and any other person in an editorial position might be expected to comment about it. However, I don’t do politics in these pages.

The Octave Records “Column to be Named Later” now has a name: “Octave Pitch,” courtesy of reader and name the column contest winner Mark Mazur. Read about Octave’s new release, Hey Joe Opus | Red Meat by Otis Taylor here.

Elsewhere in this issue: Larry Schenbeck initiates a series on bel canto singing and I experience an audio initiation. John Seetoo continues his AES Show Fall 2020 report with a look at some of the 7 Audio Wonders of the World. Ken Sander deals with Split Enz. Anne E. Johnson looks at the career of the Country Gentleman, Chet Atkins, and celebrates the 600th birthday of Johannes Ockeghem. Tom Gibbs waxes nostalgic about four holiday reissue LPs. Jay Jay French is buying a stairway to heaven. Roy Hall invests in an Isle of Arran distillery.

J.I. Agnew gets his head around coils in audio. Tom Methans re-lives boogie wonderland. Robert Heiblim examines advances in assistive hearing. In our “Sitting In” section, Max Townshend of Townshend Audio offers a test for determining speaker cable differences, and cartoonist Peter Xeni lets off steam. Ray Chelstowski offers a decidedly different holiday songs playlist. Don Lindich concludes his interview with Krell Industries’ Walter Schofield. We wrap up the issue with streaming audio, unstable speed and the shapes of things.

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