Welcome to Copper #66!

    Summer ends, fall begins, change abounds. We at PS Audio are boxing up and beginning the move to our much larger new building—which, fortunately, is right across the street. You won’t see any effect on Copper—I don’t expect to be down for more than a day. Maybe not even that.

    Knock on wood. If you can find any in the increasingly-empty factory.

    My feature on the California Audio Show  concludes in this issue. In the next issue or two, I’ll tell you about the side-trips I took after the show. I think you’ll enjoy the telling.

    Larry Schenbeck  starts the issue with an intriguing piece on Mieczysław Weinberg—and in my head I’m pronouncing that first name “Mike”; Dan Schwartz tells us why Aretha Franklin was so important to him; Richard Murison visits surround-sound researcher/rocket scientist Edgar Choueiri at his Princeton lab—and fun and danger ensue; Jay Jay French brings us a very personal tale about his recent run-in with prostate cancer Roy Hall  tells another twisted tale of almost-romance; Anne E. Johnson runs through some obscure cuts from Imogen Heap; Christian James Hand deconstructs “Tom Sawyer” from Rush, and I ask, is there nothing new under the sun?— and continue looking at the technology of playing records.

    Anne E. Johnson returns with a Something Old/Something New look at recent recordings of the works of Giovanni Battista Sammartini, best-known for having coined the term “symphony”. Sorta. Anyway, there’s some lovely music here.

    Industry News looks at the latest developments with Bang & Olufsen, as well as a few companies that are not doing as well.

    Copper #66 concludes with Charles Rodrigues looking at the countdown to adulthoodand a Parting Shot from my recent swing through San Francisco.

    Woody Woodward is still on sabbatical, and will return in a few issues.

    Thanks for reading. See you soon!

    Cheers, Leebs.

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