To start off my system is nothing brand new.  It is all older equipment,  like my Montana Audio XP1 loudspeakers, but the build quality of everything is top notch and it sounds great. 


About 3 years ago due to circumstances happening I had to put my system in storage due to moving.  I ended up in Norman, Oklahoma and after finding a permanent place to live and not much room to set up my stereo I thought I would have to sell the whole system which I really didn’t want to do.  I set it up with the intent if just making sure everything was in working order. 

Well, after turning it back on I remembered why I have it and remembered how much joy listening brings to me so selling was now out of the question. My listening room is not optimal by any means but this equipment that Perter Noerbaek has built seems to sound awesome anywhere and still projects an amazing sound stage. Any music I play through it just sounds right. 

I listen to a lot of Jazz music.   Some of it tends to be more on the smooth jazz side such as Spryo Gyra and The Rippingrtons although Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Stanley Clarke, Gerald Veasley, Lee Ritenour are some more of my favorites. 


I went through high school listening to Classical Music so that is also a genre I am comfortable with, and of course, I am a classic rock and blues fan.  The bottom line is I am a true 2 channel hi-fi geek. 

I know not too many of us are left but I will always be one.

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