Opening Salvo

    Leather? Really?

    Issue 80

    Welcome to Copper #80, our Third Anniversary issue!

    Some investigations require more effort than others. We know that, say, the 25th anniversary is silver, but Googling, “what is the 3rd anniversary?”, we find that traditionally, it’s…leather? Supposedly, this symbolizes flexibility and durability.

    As long as I don’t have to be urea-tanned, I’m good with it….

    So what’ve we got in store for you? Commemorating the anniversary, I take a little walk down memory lane, and a number of our writers reminisce about their Copper-time.

    In our columns, Prof. Larry Schenbeck tells us the nostalgic tale of how life on the farm made him—an audiophile? Dan Schwartz  is back with a new piece, explaining how he does things, bass-wiseRichard Murison goes all G&S on usJay Jay French writes about the Cult of Bruce, with a piece sure to raise some hackles (though not mine); Roy Hall goes through a tiny little bit of surgeryAnne E. Johnson does double duty, writing about Jackson Browne’s less-familiar songs, and reviewing recent recordings of works by J.A. HasseChristian James Hand deviates from the norm with a memorial to Mark Hollis; Woody Woodward takes a look at the music and career of John Prine; and I look back (appropos, no?) on past Vintage Whine columns, and wonder, who are the real cynics?

    The Copper Interview features the second part of John Seetoo chatting with influential musician and producer June Millington.

    Copper #80 wraps up with another audio marketing lesson from Charles Rodrigues, and a hopeful, “Spring is coming—right??” Parting Shot by Paul McGowan.

    Thanks as always for reading—and thanks for your support over the last three years!

    Cheers, Leebs.

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