Opening Salvo

    June Means No More Snow—Right?

    Issue 86

    Welcome to Copper #86!

    A week or so ago, here in Boulder we said, “it’s May, so winter’s over—right?” Then we had snow.

    I won’t second-guess any more, but I am hopeful. Temps in the 80s would tend to indicate that we’re done. REALLY done.

    We’ll see. ;->

    In our regular columns, Dan Schwartz fills us in on bassists he loves (other than Jack Casady!); Richard Murison asks a fundamental, troubling question: “Does Science Have to Make Sense?”Jay Jay French continues his walk-around at MunichRoy Hall runs into yet another beautiful young woman with problems; Anne E. Johnson’s Off the Charts brings us back-catalog works of Howard JonesWoody Woodward writes about one of the most influential guitarists everDjango Reinhardt; Anne’s Something Old/Something New reviews recent recordings of works by Corelli; and I overthink things in The Audio Cynic, and continue with part 2 of the history of Empire in Vintage Whine.

    I’m happy to present an unusual article about unusual variants of the guitar, written by our friend Don Kaplan. I think you’ll learn a lot from it—I certainly did.

    We continue with excerpts from Michael Stuart Baskin‘s memoir, 363 Days in Vietnam: A Memoir of Howitzers, Hook-Ups, & Screw-Ups From My Tour of Duty 1968 to 1969; I continue with part 2 of my look at this year’s Munich show. Industry News continues (and perhaps concludes) the sad story of Thiel Audio. 

    Copper #86 wraps up with Charles Rodrigues in a discount mood, and a Parting Shot from down under by PSer Travis Townes.

    I’m happy that our friend Christian James Hand is doing well and is busy doing live sessions all over the country—but sad that he’s no longer going to be able to contribute to Copper. Best of luck to you, MC Skullcap!

    Cheers, Leebs.

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