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    In the Air Tonight

    Issue 94

    Welcome to Copper #94!

    As this issue goes live, I’ll have just returned from a quick trip to NY and back—-so sorry, no analysis of the Phil Collins song. I’ll leave that to our busy friend, Christian James Hand.

    In this issue, Professor Larry Schenbeck looks at copycats—long before the “My Sweet Lord” debacle; Dan Schwartz examines an amazing gift from a famous friendRichard Murison explores his family tree; Roy Hall remembers his (very active!!) dating life; Anne E. Johnson’s Off the Charts brings us lesser-known cuts from Siouxsie and the Banshees; J.I. Agnew goes into meticulous detail on the meticulous process of record quality control; Woody Woodward begins a new series on guitar god Jeff Beck; Anne’s Something Old/Something New brings us several recent recordings of Haydn Symphonies; the batting average of Tom Gibbs’ record reviews drops from .800 last issue to .666 in this issue; and I  look at inevitability in The Audio Cynic, and examine direct-drive turntables in Vintage Whine.

    I’m pleased to welcome a new contributor: Bob Wood will be telling stories of his long career in radio, and as a voice-over artist. I think you’ll enjoy Bob’s True-Life Radio Tales.

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is the subject of a feature, written by moi.

    And finally—-

    Copper #94 wraps up with Charles Rodrigues on divine intervention, and another stunning Parting Shot from our friend, James Schrimpf.

    Until next time,


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