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Happy Passover/Easter/April Fools’ Day!

Issue 55

Welcome to Copper #55!

It’s a little odd when holidays come in clumps of threes—but then, I’m not sure if April 1st could properly be considered a holiday. Whatever. Be safe, and enjoy yourself.

John Seetoo  contributes a brief but insightful interview with legendary jazz artist/composer Lalo Schifrin, who incidentally recorded on Audio Fidelity, many years backGalen Gareis is back, continuing his series on cable design with the first of two parts on speaker cables . Gautam Raja takes a look at three little words that should leap off the tongue of anyone who considers themselves a scientist. Why is it so hard to say, “I don’t know”? [FWIW: I don’t know. ;->]

Professor Schenbeck  leads off with part 2 of his look at musical Daughters; Dan Schwartz writes about Helios–not the sun, but it may be the center of the universe for some; Richard Murison switches gears yet again, wondering if space is really empty; Jay Jay French looks back at Tower Records Roy Hall remembers being sexually harrassed; Anne E. Johnson brings us the Indian indie band, the F16sWoody Woodward looks at Delta blues pioneer Charlie PattonIndustry News looks at the recent sales of Stereophile and What Hi-Fi?; and wonder how you know when to quit, and visit the Vintage Voltage show, with plenty of pics of old hi-fi and radio gear.

Copper #55 wraps up with a classic cartoon from Charles Rodrigues that explores the sad fate of a disenchanted audiophile.  Our virtual back cover is a Parting Shot of the Austrian hill country by Paul McGowan.

Until next issue—enjoy!

Cheers, Leebs

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