Welcome to Copper #75, and welcome to 2019! It truly is difficult to believe that the year is gone, but here we are. Let’s get to it!

    From our usual gang of geniuses—and thanks to all for another terrific year!: our storyteller Larry Schenbeck tells us about musical storytellersDan Schwartz looks at The White Album; Richard Murison brings us math you can sink your teeth intoJay Jay French brings us the first of two stories about meeting John & YokoRoy Hall visits Berlin without causing an international incident; Anne E. Johnson brings us some obscure material from Joni Mitchell’s incredible career; and I look back at 2018, and examine the amazing business empire of Sherman Fairchild—which just happened to have included audio.

    Industry News continues the never-ending story of—well, guess who.

    Our friend Dan McCauley is back with his 50 best albums of 2018—some of which I’ve actually heard! B. Jan Montana discusses what it means to be Top Dog in the world of high-end audio. Industry veteran Jeff Haagenstad makes his first appearance in Copper with some thoughts on the state of our biz, and what’s needed to make it grow.

    Copper #75 wraps up with a cartoon that may be a little too soon, from Charles Rodrigues (if so, blame the Editor), and a first-time Parting Shot from Rich Isaacs that made me think of Hieronymus Bosch. Take a look—and see what YOU see.

    Enjoy, and we’ll see you soon. Our pals Woody Woodward and Christian James Hand will be back after the New Year—so, Happy New Year! Drive safely!

    Cheers, Leebs.

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