Opening Salvo

    Good Riddance, 2016!

    Issue 23

    Happy New Year, and welcome to Copper #23, and 2017!

    As I look back at 2016…well, Popeye put it best:


    Really, what more is there to say? Right up to the last minute, the Reaper was ripping creative souls from our midst. Let’s hope for a better new year.

    In this issue, we start with Richard Murison explaining the convoluted concept of convolution, then go to Dan Schwartz for a tale of musical evolution ; Professor Schenbeck takes a look at the best musical releases of that annus horribilus, 2016; Duncan Taylor presents another killer local group, The Railsplitters ; and Woody Woodward takes a last, twisted look at Christmas music (no toys this time, but there is an extra-special performance). I pay homage to yet another friend and colleague who passed away this year, Ken Furst, and explore what readers and industry folk would’ve wanted as an audio gift, if they could just have one precious piece of gear back again.  Jim Smith is back with more on the ACK Attack; Ken Kessler is back also, with another batch of artists who really don’t deserve to be forgotten; and in  our final feature, Darren Myers has an update on the “CNC” DIY phonostage.  This issue’s reader system is a particularly attractive one, and our issue closes with yet another gorgeous image from Paul McGowan.

    I wish all the best for our readers in the New Year. Next issue I’ll be in CES-recovery mode, and may or may not be up to writing about it. ;->

    Until then—cheers!



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