Opening Salvo

    Every Day is Earth Day?

    Issue 83

    Welcome to Copper #83!

    I rarely react to PR pronouncements with more than an eye-roll, but when a utility company known for its string of coal-fired generating plants sent out a newsletter headed, “Make Every Day Earth Day”, I nearly did a Danny Thomas spit-take with my morning brew.

    Of course, the sentiment is valid, and noble—in spite of its painful earnestness. I recall the first Earth Day in 1970 (!), and I’m sure that as a 13-year-old member of Friends of the Earth, I said things that made my elders roll their eyes—and more.

    Meanwhile, here on Earth….

    Prof. Larry Schenbeck leads off the issue with Mahler and Stravinsky; Dan Schwartz looks at ways of fixing it in the mix; Richard Murison looks at lasers—not directly, of course, those things will put your eye out! Jay Jay French talks with legendary DJ Cousin Brucie; Roy Hall turns his head and coughs; Anne E. Johnson’s Off the Charts brings us Cream, beyond “White Room“; Woody Woodward looks at Steppenwolf, as only Woody can; Anne’s Trading Eights brings us recordings from one of my favorite jazz pianists, Marian McPartland; and The Audio Cynic barely sees Axpona. 

    The Copper Interview concludes John Seetoo’s talk with Leslie Ann Jones.

    Our friend Rudy Radelic is back with Part 1 of his look around Axpona—luckily, he saw far more than I did.

    Copper #83 wraps up with reception issues from Charles Rodrigues, and an overhead view of our little town from Maggie McFalls.

    Christian James Hand is tied up in live sessions—with luck, he’ll tell us about his session at the Ring. And my apologies, but Vintage Whine will be back next issue.

    I hope you enjoy this issue, and I’ll see you in two weeks!

    Cheers, Leebs.

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