Welcome to Copper #38!

    Just as there are continual changes in the audio business, we’ve got some changes here at Copper.

    I’m excited to introduce yet another new writer: Gautam Raja is an essayist and editor, and happens to be an audiophile who works in the biz. Gautam has a number of insightful observations about our wacky little world to offer—and this is just the first of them.

    Larry Schenbeck has been a faithful contributor to Copper since the very first issue, and his columns have explored great and not-so-great performances of all types of “serious” music–=always treated with Larry’s light, humorous touch. He’s going to be taking a well-deserved sabbatical for a spell. We thank Larry for his incredible work, hope he enjoys his time away, and look forward to his return in the future.

    Professor Schenbeck leads off the issue with suggestions of values and maxims for music-lovers; Dan Schwartz writes about his adventures with Roon; Seth Godin writes about the cultures of wine and chocolate; Richard Murison writes about analysis in art, not audio this time; Duncan Taylor tells about recording Flobots—and no, they’re NOT Flowbee-wielding robots, as I thought! The inimitable Roy Hall writes about how to design a turntable; Anne E. Conway introduces Aussie indie artist Deborah Conway; Woody Woodward writes about metal gods Deep Purple; Fred Schwartz and Dan McCauley write about discs from two very different Kings; and I wonder if fame is worth it for popular musicians, and write more about ephemeral things .

    Industry News tells of shake-ups at B&W; our friend Jan Montana writes about mistakes you can’t fix, and those you can; new contributor Gautam Raja contemplates the direction of high-end audio; we share a classic cartoon from Charles Rodrigues; In My Room features an amazing reader’s room and system; and Copper #38 closes with another lovely Parting Shot from Paul McGowan. Our good friend Jim Smith will be back soon.

    Until nest issue—enjoy!

    Cheers, Leebs.

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