Celebrating Cartoon Bob

Issue 100

Our Bob D’Amico aka Cartoon Bob has been with Copper since the first issue was minted. He was profiled in Issue 27 and in addition to being a wonderful artist is, like most of us, an avid audiophile with a penchant for hoarding – er, hanging onto – vintage audio gear.

Our man, quick on the draw.

His characters, Louie, Patti and Nipper, have graced many Copper covers but did you know they were named after Lou Reed, Patti Smith and…Nipper the RCA dog? And did you know Bob was in the Navy for four years, was a cartoonist for them and had submarine duty at age 19? (Click here and here for examples of his submarine-related cartoons.)

We wanted to celebrate Bob’s many years behind the inkwell with this, one of his earlier cartoons, drawn in 1967 when he was 17, and updated by Bob in 2003. Here’s to many more!

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