The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association — better known as CEDIA — holds an annual show for audio/video installers and custom home integrators.  It’s a great place to learn about custom home theater and home automation.  I attended from the point of view of an audiophile.

    This year and next, the show is located at the fabulous San Diego Convention Center on the San Diego bayfront.  The location couldn’t be better, and the weather was perfect.  Shown on the dining patio of the Convention center is Paul Marble, a friend and fellow member of the San Diego Music and Audio Guild.  The Coronado Bridge is in the background.

    There were many attractive speakers of interest to audiophiles. To me, this one from Triad was the most elegant.

    Much of the convention floor was covered with these modular audio/video booths. All of them had great video …. and audio that was too loud. The Starke Sound booth and the Harman booth seemed to be tied for the least fatiguing sound at those elevated sound levels. I was fascinated by Starke’s new class A power amp. It comes in various configurations.

    These (normally) in-wall modules from Klipsch exhibited impressive dynamics and bandwidth at a very reasonable price.

    Nice to see venerable old names revived; this time around, Adcom is a Taiwanese concern. This 200 watt X 5 channel amp retails for $3000.

    SAE, another venerable name resurrected. Lots of interest in their open-air demos.

    Yes, 6K. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

    It was just a static display, but the new B & O speakers drew a lot of interest.

    Yes, even your Airstream can be outfitted with an audio/video system.

    MBL’s sound varies dramatically according to the acoustics of the room. They are using some interesting sound traps here.

    For those seeking the sound insulating qualities of double-walled construction without the expense, Kinetics Noise Control has an answer.

    This screen from Peerless was drenched in water during the entire show.

    These outdoor speakers from Terra played beautifully while exposed to both water and ice.

    Portable sound?

    KEF had one of the most attractive displays at the show.

    Their new, powered, wireless, LS50Ws were very impressive.

    I particularly liked this screen, though I can’t remember why.

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