Welcome to Copper #91!

    Having left the relatively-balmy temps of the Bay area and returned to the high-altitude frying pan of Colorado, I was reminded of the classic story and radio play, “August Heat“. If you’re not familiar with it, enjoy this production with Ronald Colman—radio at its melodramatic best. The ads for Roma Wines are fun, as well—I’m all for adding “pleasantness” with wine!

    I’m pleased to have the return of the prodigal Prof. Larry Schenbeck. This issue, Larry writes about the echoey ambiance of King’s College Chapel. This issue also marks the first column of record reviews from veteran music and audio journalist, Tom Gibbs. I’ve tagged the column To Be Determined because it’s up to Tom to determine what’s good—and what isn’t.

    We have lots of good stuff from our regulars: Dan Schwartz looks back at the glory days of Bill Bottrell’s Toad Hall studio; Richard Murison shows us that what sounds good is not at all simple—or universal; Jay Jay French interviews an obsessive Beatles collector who isn’t even a Beatles fan (don’t ask me—I don’t get it); Roy Hall writes about bidets and Budapest; Anne E. Johnson’s Off the Charts brings us hidden gems from the long career of Steve Winwood and the Spencer Davis Group ;J.I. Agnew looks at exactly how music is recorded; Woody Woodward concludes his reverential in-depth piece on Django Reinhardt with Act 5; Anne’s Trading Eights brings us great cuts from jazz pianist Dr. Billy Taylor. I mourn the loss of a colleague in The Audio Cynic, and in Vintage Whine, I look at…paper?!?

    While in the Bay area, I walked the halls at the California Audio Show. This issue has Part 1 of my report—with some interesting new gear.

    We continue the story of the incredible turntable home-built by Ken Fritz, with Part 2 in this issue.

    Copper #91 wraps up with Charles Rodrigues out-tweaking the tweaksand a beautiful Parting Shot from our friend Rudy Radelic.

    See you next issue!


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