Audio Plans for the New Year

    Issue 154

    A new year always brings New Year’s resolutions, and it’s no different for audiophiles. Here are the 10 I’m going to try to stick to:

    1. Have Pass Labs install a modified XP-22 with Lithium ion batteries in a Tesla to boost and refine the power to the engine, while also acting as a head unit for a Milbert car audio tube amp.
    2. Tell Rick Fryer that DC amounts to nothing at all.
    3. Silently praise the Magician of Köln, who worked magic on January 24, 1975, my 15th birthday. “Call me, Keith. Let’s hang out! Loved you in Chicago, in 1985! I was the one without a pager.”
    4. Have Pass Labs install a modified INT-25 to turbocharge the Roadster and warm the brioche.
    5. Ask Phillip Glass what it’s like to be him. (“It’s just really great.”)
    6. Have Frank Doris accidentally thank himself graciously in e-mail for an article he forgot he wrote, and see the universe implode.
    7. Reinstall Roon again; reboot all the computers again, re-run setup, wait an hour for the NAS to scan; finally put Köln on headphones at 11:59PM. At midnight a glitch causes the monthly “re-up” to fail. All sound then stops, but I get a nasty text about paying the bill. Cry for a while. Drink beer.
    8. Have Pass install a modified INT-60 under the Golden Gate Bridge to warm the pigeons’ toes on the asphalt and also install one in my other Tesla.
    9. Stop talking about Nelson Pass so much.
    10. Make a film about Roon and Köln: Midnight and Inaudible Keith Jarrett.


    Pass Labs INT-60 integrated amplifier.

    Pass Labs INT-60 integrated amplifier.


    Header image courtesy of Pixabay.com/jeffjacobs1990.

    2 comments on “Audio Plans for the New Year”

    1. 2). Rick Fryer will be crying all the way to the bank.
      To think that Dave Wilson who used Spectral gear at shows was unaware of that frightful oversight.
      I’m unloading my own Spectral amplification quick as I can before everyone else realizes.

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