My Turn

A Walk Around RMAF

Issue 18

I’ve already written plenty about this year’s RMAF, and the challenges the show faced and overcame. Time now to just leave you with a few images from the show, and to note that it was a helluva good time.


Why wasn’t the Atrium end of the Marriott ready? Well—here’s what the old restaurant and bar area looked like in August.

RMAF above

The view from up top on a gloomy set-up day. The weather cleared and was glorious.


Cookie Marenco (Blue Coast Records) and Michael Lavorgna (AudioStream).


Inside the Big Top that housed CanJam.


In the CanJam Big Top: Ethan Opolion (CanJam), Marjorie Baumert (RMAF), Jude Mansilla (Head-Fi), Ramsay Thurber (RMAF).


NBA legend/headphone enthusiast David Robinson greets a ‘Jammer.


The marketplace, always a focal point.


A cool (but badly backlit!) display of reel-to-reels in the J-Corder/Technics room.


Walter Swanbon (Fidelis), Herb Reichert (Stereophile), Lionel Goodfield (Simaudio).


Mastering legend Gus Skinas with the Sonoma Acoustics ‘stat headphones.


Raidho, with Lars Kristensen.


The lovely “Mother of Burl” speakers by Burwell & Sons.


Blue Coast “Flash Jam” @ PS Audio:Larry Mitchell, Marco Ferraro, Valerie Joyce, Meghan Andrews, impresaria Cookie Marenco.

Here’s a video of that same group performing the Stones’ “Wild Horses”.

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