OraStream announces launch of BRIO – world’s first personal music streaming server for high-resolution audio

OraStream Private Limited has launched BRIO by OraStream (“BRIO”), a next-generation consumer music server. BRIO is a novel personal music server for consumers to stream music at native resolution. It lets users stream 16bit/44kHz up to 24bit/192kHz resolution audio, which delivers all the digital information to bring true musical reproduction.

Consumers can choose from three levels of service:

1. Standard plan is free of charge. It turns desktop PCs into home servers which allow consumers to access music stored in their PCs remotely at native resolution, using a web browser on another PC. It also gives consumers access to connected streaming services.

2. Mobile plan costs S$15 per year. It allows consumers to use an iOS and Android app to access the PC server and connected streaming services using Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE networks.

3. Cloud plan costs S$150 per year. It allows consumers to upload up to 1,000 GB of music files to cloud storage and stream the music from a  cloud-server (rather than relying on the PC server). It also includes all the Standard and Mobile Plan features.

BRIO streams the best possible music fidelity at any given time and place by means of OraStream’s patented quality-adaptive streaming technology. OraStream will also power Xstream, Neil Young’s streaming music service.

Celebrated singer-songwriter Neil Young, who has passionately pursued the goal of musical fidelity for many years, says, “OraStream’s technology delivers the best fidelity one would ever hear with digital music streaming today. As bandwidth increases, the music will increase in quality to the highest level possible, subject only to the quality of the original music source.”

OraStream CEO Frankie Tan says, “There are many solutions available to stream consumers’ music library in-home. What’s unique in BRIO is the ability to stream consumers’ music library remotely “on-the-go” or “in-car”. It offers the freedom to listen to one’s music library at native resolution anywhere with an internet connection.”

About OraStream Private Limited

The company’s mission is to reshape mobile cloud music.  Its adaptive streaming platform powers next-generation music streaming based on 16/24-bit resolution lossless audio. OraStream Connect is a digital supply chain to deliver music streaming at the best possible musical fidelity to consumers. BRIO by OraStream is a music library-player and streaming server to stream personal music and connected cloud-music services at native resolution.