High Society

The San Diego Music and Audio Guild
San Diego County, CA

Issue 30

The San Diego Music and Audio Guild is the largest and most active audio club in San Diego County.

The 200+ member San Diego Music and Audio Guild is titled the way it is because our main focus is on music rather than equipment.  We strive to attend as many live performances as possible, and believe that equipment can never provide much more than a photograph of the musical event.

Nevertheless, some photographs are better than others.  The improvement is often predicated more on the skill and knowledge of the photographer than the cost of his equipment.  The same is true for audio.

Our objectives are:
1.  To provide an opportunity for like-minded music and audio hobbyists to meet and socialize regularly in a casual, low-keyed atmosphere.
2.  To offer education through manufacturer and designer presentations, auditions, and tours.
3.  To encourage the interchange of ideas and experiences relating to recorded music, components, and system set-up.

We meet every month. You can join our mailing list by sending an email to [email protected]

[Copper invites all audio societies to submit news of upcoming events or reports of recent events. Submit through the email tab at the top of the page.---Ed.]

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