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Buying a PS product

For over 40 years we’ve been building high-end audio products that bring great music into people’s homes. We’re proud of our products, people and commitment to the music. We’d love to have you take one of our products home for a listen.

PS Audio products are available worldwide through a network of trusted audio retailers.

In the United States you can purchase PS products through one of our retailers or directly from PS Audio.

To find the location of your nearest dealer simply select the country you live in using the selector above.

Buy only from authorized dealers

To protect our products and the quality of service provided by our dealers, distributors and service centers throughout the world we offer an extended warranty to those purchasing through authorized dealers and registering their equipment.

Purchasing products from unauthorized dealers precludes you from registering your new product and receiving this extended warranty. All PS products come with a 90 day factory warranty regardless of their point of purchase. Only product purchased through authorized PS dealers are eligible to be registered online and receive the extended warranty.


Registering your product online enables you to receive a 3 year extended warranty, plus the possibility of purchasing future upgrades should they become available.

To receive the extended warranty on a new PS Audio product you must register it online and have purchased it through an authorized dealer.