Solar purity

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One of my readers proposed a great idea. Solar power. His reasoning was simple and sound. If sharing power with our neighbor is problematic for its quality, an independent solar system should be perfect.

Great logic.

Shared power is an issue we all suffer from. Your home shares its AC power with your neighbors; anywhere from a couple to several hundred. And there's no purity in sharing because we all draw power at the same instant, dragging down the signal, increasing harmonics, distorting its shape.

Independent power is arguably better but only if its generation is pure, and therein lies the rub. Solar power requires an inverter to generate AC from the solar cell's DC and the inverters they use to do this are ugly. Which isn't to say, someone, someday, couldn't build a Power Plant quality inverter for the home.

They just haven't done it.

But what a cool idea if someone did.

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Paul McGowan

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