Why PS Audio FR30s have an EQ switch

May 26, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

8 comments on “Why PS Audio FR30s have an EQ switch”

  1. I don’t understand why PS Audio being a manufacturer of fine power amps doesn’t offer active loudspeakers with an option for sophisticated (!) room measurement (as already offered by Trinnov Audio, France). No problem with complex passive crossovers and their inherent phase problems and drivers with different inertia characteristics? The planned active design for the studio version of the FR30 is the most consequential step for matching the loudspeaker with the high quality standards of PS Audio’s amps and source components.

    1. I totally agree with you about active speakers. All things being equal an active design will always be better than a passive crossover design I can think of 2 reasons at this point. First you probably have more control over what the crossover accomplishes with an active crossover. But I think most importantlyit gives the amps a way easier load to run into(just a voice coil) instead of a bunch of reactive crossover parts. The easier the load the better the amp performs.

      I do think an analog active crossover is just as complex as a passive one but because it’s into a different load the parts are way smaller than the super costly parts in a top line passive speaker. Still the extra amps probably more than make cost wise for the smaller parts. But remember the crossover still has to compensate for any driver anomalies just like a good passive crossover does. So a proper active crossover is never generic. It MUST be designed for the speaker it’s part of.

      Cool to learn PS Audio is doing an active FR30. Can’t wait for feedback on the active/passive comparison.

    2. A well designed passive crossover doesn’t have phase problems. I happen to agree with PS Audio’s concept of keeping the amplification external. You can use external biamping to make the speakers active if you choose that path. No different than putting the amplifiers inside the speakers except you have more versatility to choose whatever amplifiers you want to use or in the case of just using your main amplifier only avoiding having to pay for a built in amplifier that increases cost including shipping costs that add weight to the speaker. It’s also easier to service external amplifiers since you don’t have to send in your entire speaker. If you need amplifier servicing most of us have back up amplifiers we can use and still enjoy our speakers when the amplifier is being serviced.

      1. ??? Have you ever heard about inherent group delay of a dynamic driver? Or about different path-lengths of sound waves to the ear when having a loudspeaker with multiple drivers mounted at different heights on the baffle? There are so many imperfections to be corrected when building a loudspeaker only DSP can offer an acceptable solution. Better to invest first here than in expensive cables or highres formats.

  2. I’ve always wondered why so many high end speakers had to be pulled so many feet out in to the room.
    And I’ve always asked, “what if you don’t have the space to do that?”
    If your speakers has a switch that allows you to set them up either way, then you’ve won half the battel!

    1. Good afternoon Secretguy!
      I’m with you on that!
      In the late 90’s, that was when I was venturing my way in to high end audio.
      But the fact that the equalizers and tone controls weren’t there except products made by both Mcintosh and Sunfire, that was the thing that kept me on the other side of the audio line for a little while longer.
      I’m still not convinced after 24 or 25 years later, that we don’t need equalizers and tone controls.
      If someone can prove me wrong about this, I’ll pay them a fourth of a milyon dollars.
      But remember, I have king ears.
      I’m a very hard man to impress.

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