Why HiFi systems sound better at night

December 2, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. And having the eyes closed during listening the hifi-system sounds better even more! πŸ™‚ During the night all lights turned down my PS Audio Noise Harvesters flicker most impressively even those Harvesters plugged into the open outlets of my P10 – most strange!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for all the video Hifi explanations.
    I absolutely agree with you, the difference in our state of mind at night is largely responsible for our different sensitivity and acuity towards music as it happens in romance between people.
    All the best for everybody,

  3. I agree with paulsquirrel above, my PS Audio Noise Harvester is as active at night as during the day. But I am going to say something that I have posted several times before here, to no avail: The absence of the sun and its radiation is the primary reason, indoors, or out doors. Extreme example; If anyone has been at an ocean beach, during a sunny day, as I have been, knows that your voice carries only just a few feet, but at night your voice seems to go out a great distance from where you are!!

    1. Good afternoon Frank!
      Paul gave us all, three elements to why this happens.
      But before I got in to my mid teens, this is something that I’ve been studying for a few years.
      It is a psychological thing that happens with us, just as soon as the sun has gone completely down.
      For once, the stress of the day, is slowly but surely leaving us alone.
      And at night time, we’re more calmer then we are, daring daytime hours.
      If this doesn’t make any sense to you, then email me offline.
      Then I’ll find some videos to send your way about it.

  4. This was well-covered in an AudioGon post just recently.
    The basics here are quite accurate, IMO.
    It’s a combination of things as usual, and at times we get hung up in a dogmatic exchange about one specific thing or another.
    There was some mis-information also, but mainly good ideas.

    PS I don’t have a regenerator, but an old Panamax power controller/filter, that has done well for me for several years now. There are many (likely a mixed bag), but PSA, and Furman are at the top of the mix.

  5. If AC power is an acknowledged problem, shouldn’t we have the option to run our low current devices on battery? New battery technology gives us alot of amp hours in a small package. Either an internal or external battery can be recharged automatically when not in use, or if needed during long periods of use, supplying perfectly clean dc voltage while the device is operating. I envision the component being always plugged in and always on, keeping the battery topped up. When the music starts, it turns off the charger and runs on battery alone.

    1. Power off the grid: guru John Swenson designed a super capacitor LPS1 to feed the Sonore Rendu devices. You get huge instant clean power which is what we need.

      Does it work? I feel no need to upgrade anything.

  6. Great video on a somewhat controversial topic.
    The technical side is obvious and you don’t have to live in a heavy urbanized environment with industry around you to experience the difference. Actually there is a increased difference if you listen at night from Sunday to Monday morning. After midnight from Sunday it’s a very clear difference and you don’t a uber high-end gear to experience this.

  7. Every day living downtown I experience a big difference in sound quality, day and night and weekends. Although I have a dedicated electrical line to hifi systems with galvanic isolation, through a transformer to have full isolation from other home circuits. After that I have as well a PS Audio power supply, and the PS audio noise havesters, which lights continuosly. So it should be the radiation coming from air, due to traffic and celular network radiation, what some how affect the clarity of sound difference.

  8. Paul. It is not only at night time it is as well in Sundays and Saturdays.
    And not only the electrical wave. When cars are moving the ignition of the engines produce lots of electrical signal in the air. There are lots of radiations on the air of the cities, the EMIs which enters in the equipment, not only through the electrical power wires, but as well directly in the electronics of equipments.
    I have PS Audio Power Plant. A galvanic isolation of the dedicated electrical line with a Transformer, and I can see the PSAudio noise harvester lights…and feel differences not only at night but as well Saturdays and Sundays, living downtown Madrid with lots of traffic , electrical lines and so on..

  9. Rock ‘n Roll totally solves this, because at realistic volume
    levels it sounds the same at night as it does during the day.
    Happy listening everyone πŸ˜€

  10. Love this video and this is a big reason why I bought a PS audio AC regenerator. Day or night my system is all gravy baby.
    Honestly my friends the AC regenerator really is the best route to go for clean power with in a realistic and affordable sense. Power conditioning bandaids the situation while not fully solving the real issue of getting those un rippled sine waves. πŸ˜‰

    1. I’m with you there Nephilim 81. I have three of the older generation P10s. (The P20 model wasn’t available at the time. πŸ˜‰ ) But, yes, one of the best bang-for-your-buck improvements in SQ you can make IMO.

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