Why do vinyl or digital specific systems sound better?

October 28, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

4 comments on “Why do vinyl or digital specific systems sound better?”

  1. Hi Paul – LOVE watching your videos, but this one worries me a little. I am days from pulling the trigger on the Stellar three unit system, but my favorite listening is vinyl. I do lots of digital as well, but my real critical listening is to vinyl. I thought the Stellar system would be a great way to move up the food chain, but now I’m worried that my vinyl might not be best served with this system. Have a very good turntable/cart/phono amp..but should I be looking elsewhere to upgrade my amps to maximize my phono sound? Thanks!

    1. Thanks. I am not sure what I said that would sway you away. Over half the Stellar owners in the world use vinyl as their main source and are loving it. Moreover, the next product you see in the Stellar line will be an all out phono stage. So, Stellar’s GREAT with vinyl. Sorry if I lead you astray.

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