Why do caps sound different?

March 8, 2018
 by Paul McGowan

One comment on “Why do caps sound different?”

  1. Good info. I always wondered why, if film caps were so good, don’t they get used everywhere? Now I get it, a film cap in the power supply would be as big as a toaster and cost as much as a car. I can finally end my search for the elusive 37,000 mf Polypropylene cap!
    You gave some uses for electrolytic and film caps. Could you fill in the blanks for a few other types and confirm my assumptions on some? Just the basics – bad / fair / good / better for audio path / power supply / others.

    -Ceramic disk – ?
    -Monolithic ceramic – ? (are they the same as above?)
    -Mica – ?
    -Tantalum – ?
    -Electrolytic – good for power supply, not audio path

    -Mylar / Polyester – ?
    -Polycarbonate – ?
    -Polypropylene – good for audio path
    -Polyphenylene sulfide – good for audio path
    -Polystyrene – better for audio path
    -Teflon (PTFE) – best for audio path (but limited selection)


    Eric M.

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