Why did you leave PS Audio for Genesis?

October 2, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

4 comments on “Why did you leave PS Audio for Genesis?”

  1. Great video, answering something I've wondered about also. Heart-warming to see you (Paul) be willing to tell the personal side. You are very talented that way.

    Would you consider doing the next step in this story? I would very much like to hear why you decided to buy back the company and how you did that.

    Great stuff! Thanks, Chaz

  2. Paul,
    What would be the greatest accomplishments for you & Arnie during the days at Genesis? Anything that you will use to apply to the new PS Audio speakers? Are we going to see those in 2018? Too many questions to ask Paul:)


    1. The Genesis One loudspeaker, The Digital Lens, the work we did on servo subwoofers I would say. We'll apply lots of that learned stuff - not mention Arnie's 50 years of experience - into our new speakers. I do hope to see something in 2018. Thanks.

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