Why aren't 20 amp connectors used more often?

September 25, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

6 comments on “Why aren't 20 amp connectors used more often?”

  1. Hi Paul,great video series.
    Question? Did the 20 amp Ultimate Outlet pass 20 amps or was it restricted to 15 amps? And if so...why use the 20 amp connector?
    Just wondering... Thanks...Mark

      1. Thanks Paul. I recall in a review that the 15 and 20 amp high current versions of the UO were identical internally only differing in what iec was being implemented. So does the 15 amp version pass 20 amps also?

  2. When my house was built I had a dedicated circuit installed to power my audio system hookup. I got the electrician to wire it with the same wire he used to hook up my electric stove power point, which, as I recall, was a bad-ass 30-amp wire. So, although I still have 15A sockets, I imagine I ought to be getting whatever sonic benefits are to be had from a 20A connection, since I don't actually need the full 20A current draw.

  3. Interesting video but the adoption of the 20 amp circuit for the P20 then negates the use of a power base which was recommended as optional but very efficacious for the P10. Perhaps you will integrate the gross power filtering into the front end and a built-in floating base for the P20. Or perhaps not - was the power base really that beneficial? What are the applications for the P20 if power amps rarely draw more than a few watts and the front end components even less?

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