Where to hear the aspen FR30 speakers

January 12, 2023
 by Paul McGowan

5 comments on “Where to hear the aspen FR30 speakers”

  1. CDC finally came out with the recommendation to no longer shake hands. I am a physician and have not shaked hands in 20 years. Yes older folks thought I was strange but so be it. Shaking hands is becoming less common today. Bump elbows or fist bump. Lot’s of hand sanitizer. Covid still very much with us and is now infecting vaccinated people who have had 5 vaccinations. There are deaths in the vaccinated group. Deaths in US are about 400 per day which makes covid 3rd leading cause of death. As you know death rate is related to age. Elderly like me age 77 are more vulnerable. I wear an N95 mask indoors except at restaurants and avoid crowded restaurants.

    1. Well, I don’t like the mask but wear FFP2 aka N95 mask all the time when under people since Corona desease started in Germany. Nowadays it is not mandatory anymore. So my wife and I are the only ones wearing masks when shopping. Being vacinated 5 times, luckily we had no desease at all. And, we had a huge number of deaths. Sorry for my English since not native to this.

  2. Paul, in case you want to do an east coast show some time, the Capital Audio Show is a great one. I’ve been there 3 times and everyone I speak to about it says they had a great time at a friendly welcoming show. And it keeps improving each year. The plan is for significant expansion in 2023.

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