When it really matters

July 12, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

10 comments on “When it really matters”

  1. While we are facing dramatic climate changes and consequent migration problems and hunger crises within the next decades we are permanently and daily poisoning the air, the soils, the seas (now also enriched by micro plastics) and the subterranean water and of course the pollinator insects. I bet that we will have destroyed the basis of natural life before we have reached the maximum impact (sea-level rise) of climate change.

  2. It’s important that we sooth ourselves with great home-audio gear, fantastic
    recordings (music) & wishful thinking while we continue to screw our planet.

  3. Coincidently, I watched a TV doco called ‘Carbon: The Unauthorized Biography’ last night. It puts carbon into context and, although not inherently bad, the doco explains how it has become so for the planet. It appears to be a collaboration between Australia, Canada and others so you should be able to find it on your favourite streaming service. For my Aussie brethren, it should be available on the ABC’s iView service.

    1. MikeK,
      I watched another one tonight called ‘River’ while State of Origin was on.
      Great photography, story & music…well recorded too.
      About how humans screw up our river systems…especially with dams.
      A real eyeopener.

      1. Hey FR,
        Yeh, I’ve heard some of the music on ABC Classic (DVB audio) and the soundtrack is now on my wish list. Based on your recommedation, I shall also check out the TV program. 😉

      2. Just finished watching it. Stunning and sobering viewing. Also a great aural collaboration between Willem Dafoe as narrator and Richard Tognetti and William Barton for the music.

        Yes, I agree. As a species we’ve done a pretty good job at screwing the planet. It’s a shame we couldn’t have worked more collaboratively with the world’s indiginous cultures rather than inflicting genocide on them. They seem to have better understood ecology thousands of years before ‘western’ cultures.

          1. True. Dammed if we do and damned if we don’t. 😀

            No I’m south of the border señor. Down on the beautiful Mornington Penisula (Bunurong country) at Rosebud.

  4. Sadly, the facts are ignored be many. I was at a family gather recently and my 20 something nephew was talking about something or other (I don’t recall exactly what) and made a comment about it being environmentally sustainable. To which my brother in law said simply, “the environment is fine”.
    I live in New Orleans and we see the Gulf creeping ever closer, almost daily.

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