What's the best listening room floor?

September 12, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

One comment on “What's the best listening room floor?”

  1. hi Paul, thanks for doing this series. I have a solution for those who are in a room with a wooden floor (which I like because it allows a crawl space which I can run speaker cables through). This solution will not rate very high on the WAF scale, but it works for me. I cut away the wall to wall carpet right underneath the speakers exposing the wood floor which was just basically plywood. I then took some pieces of hardwood and cut them wide enough so they would straddle the floor joists and then screwed them into the floor joists. I set my speakers on those pieces which made for a firmer foundation as essentially the joists were now doing the heavy lifting. This also allowed for me to use spikes which were thicker and less pointy ( I like the big brass feet from Mapleshade and they do make a difference). hope that helps

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