What measurements can we hear?

January 31, 2018
 by Paul McGowan

3 comments on “What measurements can we hear?”

  1. Paul,
    My recollection of the HP analyzer is that the output is not a sine wave meant to feed the unit under test.
    Rather it is an output of the distortion products that you could feed to an oscilloscope (or other device) to see what is happening.

    1. Well there are a couple. Of course the basic analyzer has to generate the original signal for the DUT to process and then the notch filter eliminates that and what’s left over is what’s read on the meter. There are no external sine wave inputs on this baby because it has it all. And yes, it also has a residual output you can use too.

      1. Paul,
        May I have the model number of your HP?
        I cannot make it out in the video.
        Every HP analyser I used to work with required a separate oscillator.
        I would like to learn more about yours.

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