What is wrong with PS Audio top covers

September 1, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

5 comments on “What is wrong with PS Audio top covers”

  1. So, back in the day, the late 1980’s, a group of audiophiles, I wont say experts, decided that non-magnetic lids (covers) ‘sounded’ better than magnetic (steel) ones.
    As far as I am concerned EMI varies, depending on placement, & it’s sonic effect(s) are therefore, to some degree, subjective to the listener.
    Since that time, & currently, if I employ an amplifier that has a magnetic lid (cover), it comes off permanently, to be replaced by a nice, size appropriate, 6mm thick sheet of smoked glass, which is removed manually (with my hands) when said amplifier is in use (maximum air-flow) & replaced, again manually, 🙂 when it is switched off, to minimise the accumulation of dust & particulate matter.
    About every 3 years, whatever ‘crap’ has settled within the amp gets blasted out with compressed air.
    Good habits die hard.

    1. Good afternoon FR!
      I think you may be on to something here.
      Now that I stop to think about it, I remember the last time I opened up my JVC 4VR-4554 quod receiver.
      The bottom of the wooden case, has a sheet of tin stapled to it.
      With cutouts for ventilation.
      About four square holes.
      The PCB’s underneath there, uses that too keep radio waves away from the amplifier cerkets.

  2. Would a grounded metal mesh work as well as that solid sheet. Also cheaper? Think Faraday cage.

    Production Engineering is all about minimizing parts cost. Hey weren’t we about that a few days ago.

  3. Sorry, I’m still confused:
    (1) Why the title, ‘What’s WRONG’ with top covers? (Other than they don’t shield EMI.)
    (2) So, OK, 15 coats of glossy black paint on wood is used, Why? Purely aesthetics? So, in this case Form does NOT follow Function. Why not plastic? Or something else? If it looks and acts just like plastic, why not use plastic?

    I could live fine with something that doesn’t show dust or fingerprints so much.

    1. I suggested clear perspex lids (covers) to Paul last year, so that
      the owners of the audio gear can see all the internals as well.

      There’s no need to place your greasy fingers all over your home
      audio gear & dust is easily removed with either a vacuum brush
      or just a soft micro-fibre cloth…no big deal.

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