What happened to USB C?

September 21, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

9 comments on “What happened to USB C?”

  1. Paul, if you want to know what your Apple products have, it’s not Thunder Bolt.
    The Apple products all use Lightning Ports.
    The charger for my iPad, uses one of those.
    But as far as I know of, I’ve seen Thunder Bolts on Android devices.

  2. Actually John Price, Apple isn’t using Lightning ports on their iPads any longer, they have switched to ThunderBolt ports which you can also connect a USB C plug into.

    1. Good afternoon Steve!
      My iPad, is an older model.
      I got it at the top of 2018.
      I’m getting ready to step up to a brand new iPad Pro 12.9 inch.
      Truth be told, I think my video processer is gone.
      According to my sighted wife, the screen won’t light up anymore.
      But sense she likes to play games on my iPad, I have to make sure that it works for both of us.
      Sure I can listen to my radio and music streaming apps on it still, but I don’t think that it’s fare to her that I can still do things with it, while she can’t because the screen doesn’t work anymore.
      But if my new one comes with a Thunder Bolt charger, then that will justify your comment above.

  3. Ahh, my long-standing pet peeve! My Gain Cell DAC is USB 2.0 based. Under USB 2.0, when I was using my USB 2.0-based long in the tooth Mac Pro . With that great 2008 Mac Pro, quite upgraded to get far longer use from it than it should have, I was able to run a total of 26 feet of Transparent Performance USB cable to my rig from my older USB 2.0 Mac (2 lengths adapted together with a USB 3.0 adapter from eBay). All was bliss. When I upgraded to a newer used 2015 iMac 2 years ago for its USB 3.0 buss rather than a newer iMac with (shutter) the then new USB-C buss, I was unable to run that same 26 foot distance from iMac to system. My nightmare began.

    After a frustrating year of trying lots of things, including active power cables for printers and the like, and finally selling for optical (with its limited bandwidth), out of frustration, I burdened a knowledgeable friend with my issue, as I had PS Audio, twice. My buddy stunned me with news of the USBe Perfect, a remarkable little device, which solved my problem AND it improved my audio quality. When set internally to its long cable setting at the factory, the Perfect allows me to run 26 feet from iMac to Gain Cell DAC with no dropouts or issues.

    Increasing the buss from USB 2.0 to USB-C will add major headaches to many of your users! For example, the maximum cable length under USB 2.0 is 5 meters, under USB 3.0, it’s approximately 8 feet and under USB-C it’s apparently 1 meter. They state that, with a longer length cable under USB-C, you’ll begin to lose functionality after 1 meter! I was able to achieve my same use with my same 26 foot cable length due to the quality of the cable used and the USBe Perfect. It was the “perfect” solution. I am not affiliated with its maker, just a very satisfied user.

      1. Funny you should ask this on the day after I installed a Denafrips Pontus II in the rig for review and am using the Gain Cell DAC just a preamplifier for that. ;- ) I reconnected via optical to answer this. Yes, the display changes with input. If playing a Redbook file, it displays 44.1. If playing a 24-96 file, it displays 96. If playing a 88.2 file it displays 88.2. If playing a 192 file, it displays 96, because 24-96 is optical’s limit.

        I have a great deal of home made high res rips, a few 96 files display 48 on the display (might be a conversion error on my part). USB is a bit of a challenge to get to at the present. I feel safe in assuming you’ll see the display reading higher file resolutions properly when using USB. I’ve not played file resolutions higher than 24-192 in my 3 years with the Gain Cell DAC. Hope this helps.

  4. USB C also feels much more robust than the systems that came before it. But for me, the big deal is that it can be inserted either way, with no up or down to have to look for once I have found my glasses, so that in a darkened room I am able to see it. I think a whole lot of people feel the way that I do.

  5. I’m not a fan of the USB C plug in terms of robustness of the connection. It seems like a very flimsy mechanical interface that would not work well hanging out the back of a piece of equipment, especially if the cable is a heavy audiophile type. BNC connectors are vastly superior as far as the physical connection goes.

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