What happened to the IRSV?

June 30, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

18 comments on “What happened to the IRSV?”

  1. Paul,
    Surely you can keep them humming along, set-up in the PS Audio museum room with a
    pair of ‘B’ stock M-1200’s, a DAC, a transport & a BHK pre.
    I mean c’mon…you can’t just let them sit there doing nothing, that would be sacrilege 🙁

  2. I suppose this is another Ask Paul question. Do you know what Harry and the gang think about the FR30s? They were quite smitten with the IRS back in the day when I subscribed to TAS.

  3. Good afternoon Paul!
    Hook them up to a pare of BHK-600 amps, and slap a BHK preamp on the IRS-V5.
    Round the hole system out with both the Perfick Wave DAC, and SACD transport, and there you are!
    You’ll have that room rocking out good fashion man!

  4. What a sad video. I am still convinced that the giant IRSV towers deserve a giant listening room much bigger than music room 1 or 2 in order to fully reveal their sonic potential. You have put so much efforts into the restoration and upgrades of these loudspeakers thus they should be kept alive. Why not have them as permanent loan in a music library having a much bigger listening room? You could get music lovers hooked up to a minimum quality standard for 2-channel audio and offer even better sound in music Rommés 1 and 2. For your PS Audio/Infinity museum a dummy or a poster could do the job!

  5. Hi Paul,

    Why not have them hooked up to a smaller system out in the Alcove there? Maybe make 5 or so songs available to play via an iPad? Got to hear this pair in Music room One in 2019 before the pandemic. If I remember correctly Harry Pearson had his setup in a smallish room, in a nearfield scenario.

    Would be a shame for visitors not to hear them play anymore.

    My 2 Cents…
    Kind Regards, Kevin

  6. Paul, have you ever considered as an experiment stacking FR30s on top of each other, so that the left and right speakers are double height, similar to the IRSVs? Or is that the concept for future FR40s?

  7. My commiserations Paul. The sad reality of passing time.

    I do like paulsquirrel’s suggestion. That is, finding a museum-like space where they could be set up as a ‘living’ work of art. As paulsquirrel wrote, they could serve as an inspiration to emerging audiophiles. I can’t think of a better legacy to Arnie Nudell’s work. I think he would have been chuffed about the idea. 🙂

  8. I agree with Fat Rat.

    It is blasphemy to condemn such wonderful speakers to an “infinity” of time as a paper weight; looked at but not listened to.

    Build an addition to the building, rent a new space or sell them to someone who will allow them to fulfil their purpose in this world. They are a work of art that MUST be listened to vs. stared at in a dusty museum.

    Shameful to condemn them to such an existence just for the lack of space

    1. Especially when they have recently been restored. where there is a will there is a way. As FR said hook them up to some “B” or “C” stock M-1200’s and you are set. I have been tempted to purchase a pair myself. Mosfets are nice sounding and also used on some vintage Adcom amplifiers. I don’t think this is the end soon they will think of a plan even if that plan means an addition to the building. It will be well worth the effort.

  9. And here is me being sad because I have to sell off my big Yamaha NS1000 speakers because we are downsizing.
    Proportion, Peter, proportion.

  10. I have this little shitstain of a system that I keep developing. AND you have this Monsterous systemage available to you Now.
    You have been perfecting your …Craft, as we crafters do… butt I feel you have set some standards/goals in your creation/recreation of that craft. DONT toss it!
    Jeeeeez dont do the “set them aside to some kinda society” loanage thingy!

    Finish building the room to house them properly…..I kno thats what Arn would like. I kno thats what you would like…..No more B.S.

    I’ll make the pilgramage to visit…..sooner, than later

  11. Life is to short to angst over any material goods or wealth… I would much prefer to go on a hike… or spend time with family… or spend as much time with my loving wife being a couple… and mostly… appreciating what the good Lord provides within… and without… in my life.

    Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy this hobby as much as the next guy… but it is what it is…and that is… its just a hobby!

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