Vibration damping bags

December 27, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Sorry, I don’t believe that damping solid state electronics gear at the outside will impact the sound. If it is a CD player or other moving part gear then it may help. If the loud sound of speakers impacts the turntable or CD/DVD/SACD player it is better to place the electronic gear as far as possible away from the speakers. For a computer-to-DAC system damping does not make any sense for me. Another thing is vacuum tube amplifers. These indeed react on vibration because the tubes are fragile built inside and a vibrating grid will cause an electrical signal which may then heard. Hitting a prestage tube is hearable from the speakers.

  2. High!

    I use a “door stopper” instead of a brick or any expensive alternative and Yes, it makes a good difference. Besides, a door stopper (King Size!) looks quit nice and has a rubber bottom side.

  3. I wrote the Stereophile review on the VPI brick and definitely heard a positive difference. I mused about the radiation absorption idea but now know it’s damping microphonics in good systems. And microphonics are real and logical. There’s electric fields in our gear and a wire or anything else with a signal going through it will produce another, not desired, small signal in the wire etc. that will be heard in good systems.

    I still have 2 VPI bricks on my speakers and use very small card board containers filled with BBs on my other gear.

                1. Then again, I could’ve been misinformed…see 10:56am post by JAS, below.
                  I just looked at a photograph of discussed VPI ‘brick’ & I now see that it’s actually “DB-5” on there & not ‘-5dB’ as I thought it was…oops.

      1. Hello All,

        According to John Hunter, The idea for VPI’s DB-5 was introduced to VPI and in-depth listening was done by the people at DB Audio. So Mr. Weisenfeld generously noted their contribution by incorporating DB into the name. Kind of like Paul naming amplifier BHK. The 5 refers to the 5th revision of the product resulting from the listening sessions at DB Audio. John Hunter was one of the listeners.

        Sorry Mr. Rat.

        – Jeffrey in Philadelphia

        1. Hi Jeffrey,
          Thank you & no need to apologise.
          I was repeating what I was told at the time.
          I’m guessing that everyone may have a different story.
          I am doubtful that the laminated iron ‘device’ inside the
          VPI brick had to be reinvented or modified five times,
          but then I could very-well be wrong again.
          However, if this is true, then to my mind, it just goes to
          prove that they were listening for that blacker background,
          ie. lower background noise…possibly by a factor of -5dB.
          It makes a good story anyway 😉

          ps. If what I was told was correct, then it would
          probably look more like ‘-5dB’

  4. I had my VPI -5dB ‘brick’ placed directly on top of the transformer of my Luxman – ‘M03’
    (I always permanently remove the lids/top plates/cowling of my amps) on the premise
    that it would absorb some of the transformer noise, hence the “-5dB” in its title,
    & thereby present/create a blacker/quieter background.

  5. I have to wonder how much money PSA spends a year on advertising in the Absolute Sound magazine…from most insider’s point of view…the more you spend…the better the reviews! Just makes plain sense in my opinion! ymmv

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