Two subwoofers vs. one

November 24, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

6 comments on “Two subwoofers vs. one”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Been to PS Audio listening room 0ne about 3 years ago in 2019 when the Infinity's were in place. Before adding the sub please try and reposition the FR-30 speakers on the long wall where the sources are now located and swap the amps and sources racks. I bet your jaw will drop how good that orientation will sound.

    Regards, Kevin L Westerbeck

  2. Paul, perhaps you can tell me if I'm doing this correctly or not.
    But before I tell you what I'm doing, I only wish to hear this from you the CEO, and your speaker builder.
    On my work station, I have my Avantone Pro CLA-10 studio monitors setting on top of my JBL LSR-310S powered subs.
    I have them in each corner of the room that I'm using for a recording studio.
    Someone on here, tried to tell me to put the subs behind the monitors.
    I don't have the space to do that.
    So, my question is, will having my monitors setting on top of my subs do any damage to my sound stage?
    I don't hear anything wrong with my setup.
    But I'm just wondering if there's any room for improovement.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. If you use a crossover with a very steep slope which you might need to buy separately and cross it over at around 50 Hz to a single subwoofer there shouldn't be any directionality to the bass. Having said that I still like the idea of stereo subwoofers to smooth out the frequency response. My question is what's better having two subwoofers running in mono or two subwoofers running in stereo? Or does it not matter as long as there are two?

  4. I certainly concur with what Paul advises. Afterall, he's the one that put onto the idea of dual subwoofers in the first place! 😀 However, I would like to expand a little on his point about augmenting the main, full-range speakers.

    The way I view it is that the 'normal' scenario for a sub is with a home theatre setup. In this situation the audio is usually a multi-channel presentation, commonly designated as 'x.1' where x is some number, typically 5, 7 or more. The '.1' refers to the low-frequency effects (LFE) channel. For this configuration, a single sub makes sense (unless, of course, you want to 'augment' any of the other 'main' speakers or enhance the spread of the LFE channel using multiple subs, but they're other stories).

    However, for the usual 2-channel, 'stereo' setup through which we typically play music there is no designated LFE channel so it makes sense to use a sub to 'augment' each (full-range) speaker for the reasons Paul mentions, thus keeping a 'balanced' presentation from each speaker.

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