Tubes and holographic imaging

March 18, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

11 comments on “Tubes and holographic imaging”

  1. How about a well designed passive preamplifier? Does that sound tubey? Does it sound like a transistor? No it sounds like nothing, the way it should sound.

  2. To everyone on this list that don’t know that I have a visual disibillity, I can’t see what I’m doing.
    But some how, I always manage to get the pens of tubes like the 12AX7, to go in to the holes of the socket on the first try.
    I feel for the holes first, then line the pens of the tube up with them.
    The tube drops right in.
    But my tubes don’t rock back and forth.
    But getting to that other thing, Black Ice audio, makes a tube based box, that they call, a sound stage expender.
    I haven’t heard it as of yet, but I heard that, it works.
    You can read about it here.:
    Go to brands, then Black Ice Audio.
    You’ll see all the offerings that Black Ice has, including the sound stage expender.

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