Tips for beginning audio designs

June 3, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

5 comments on “Tips for beginning audio designs”

  1. Definitely jumping into the deep end of the pool first. He will have a great time. I first built a Dynaco preamp and it worked fine, but there was a channel imbalance that, if I had worked at it and found out which parts were not quite in spec, I could have changed them out. Still it was fun and you will learn all about “cold solder joints”. lol

    1. I built a Dynaco pas 3x and a Dynaco 70
      In 1967- it was my first kit and was lost of fun. Fortunately I did not have any cold solder problems!
      This gear lasted 34 years and aside from
      Re tubing never had any difficulties.

      I used the 70 with a Boulder pre amp to power ESL 57s!

      Sounded great!

  2. Paul,
    You could do each episode of your series with one of the many relevant experts that you employ.
    You could call it, ‘Paul & Co.’
    They could do the moving camera work, since they would instinctively know where to point it next as you explain yourself around the components, equipment & white board…PLUS, the expert(s) holding said camera (Darren, Ted, Chris, etc.) would be right there, on hand, for quips, jokes (entertainment) & information conformation as you babble your way in, around & out of the various topics that you choose to present.
    I know, I know…brilliant eh!
    It’s ok; you can thank me later 🙂 😉

  3. I recently built two microphones from A T-47 and S3 87. Both are high end boutique Mics at a fraction of the cost.The instructions are very well laid out and can be done with a rudimentary knowledge of soldering PCBs.

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