Tiny speaker tweaks

October 22, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

7 comments on “Tiny speaker tweaks”

  1. Good afternoon Paul!
    Do you have any suggestions and or ideas on how to set up a rather large desktop system properly?
    I’m asking because, I’m trying to figure out how to get the best sound from my Klipsch R-41PM speakers.
    Both my wife and I broke the drivers in yesterday by blasting some old tunes that we grew up listening to.
    Sure the electronics need a little more time to brake in, but I’m looking to get a third dimensional sound stage out of these Klipsch speakers.
    Thanks in advance.
    PS. I got them for the soul perpis of remastering old recordings.
    My computer is on an old TV stand, in the corner of my living room.
    The nonpowered speaker, is to the left of me, on an end table.
    The speaker that has the integrated amp with DAC in it, is to the right of me, on top of my computer tower, which is setting right on the floor.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I have bi-wireable speakers, Monitor Audio Bronze 6, linked to the amplifier with regular single wire. For interest, I connected the positive speaker cable to the high-frequency input of the speakers. The negative speaker cable is left on the LF speaker input.

    The speakers still have good bass, in fact faster bass transients, and are less sensitive to rear wall placement. They can be placed much closer to the rear wall and have no nasty overhang.

    Thanks for all the updates you provide.

  3. Hi Richard_43,
    So are you saying that you have found that cross bi-wiring has allowed
    you to move your MA Bronze 6’s closer to the front wall with resulting
    faster bass response than when you only mono-wire them?
    Inquiring minds want to know 😀

  4. Hi FR, the change has certainly surprised me. With the front baffle 3 feet from the front wall there are faster bass transients with the change in cable to speaker wiring (still mono-wired just + to HF and – to LF speaker posts).
    Moving the speakers closer to the front wall has not resulted in the overhang that was apparent before changing the wiring set-up.
    Maybe it has not improved the speakers so much as compensated for a room issue.
    However, my listening room is around 7 metres by 4.5 so I am not sure.
    Still, it doesn’t hurt to tinker.
    I bet you have been out and about.


  5. I’ve been wanting to do this for years –
    Being a Magnepan owner, I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a system that consists of a pair of plates on low ball wheels and a joystick control that ensures that all movements are mirrored and symmetrically equal. Forward, back, closer together, further apart… You place your speakers on the plates and joystick your way to finding the perfect sweet spot. Twisting the joystick will toe in & toe out. It could also be used for room setup service.

  6. Also might not be a bad idea to use Blue painters tape, on the floor, once you find the position where the speakers sound the best. That way you have a reference to go back to if you decided to continue tweaking position.

  7. Hi All, I went through all the thing mentioned in the video above and more to place/measure and time align my speakers and Subwoofers, finally I found the magical formula however for me to do that I am thinking of a business idea as a speaker’s/Subwoofer time Alignment, to help all the Audiophile friends . If you are a local to the Southern Calif Area, I will set up your speakers/Subwoofer for free.


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