The secrets behind PS speakers

January 29, 2018
 by Paul McGowan

24 comments on “The secrets behind PS speakers”

  1. Very nice price points! The powered midbass is great idea. I completely agree that is a very important area. Will the midbass and the servo bass have independent level control?

  2. that is so cool and so exciting. do you have a rough date for launch?

    this reminds me of the story of when a great classical pianist and violinist went to a concert and heard a child prodigy (I think Jascha Heifetz). the story goes that the violinist turned to his friend and commented on how hot it was in there. his friend said, not if you are a pianist. so watch out Alon Wolf, Richard Vandersteen, and others. that may be you.

  3. Very exciting news Paul!
    To carry on the Nudell legacy is about as big a challenge as one could think of .
    The fact that you and the talent at PS are the individuals taking on that challenge is extremely exciting!
    Paul If you ever decide to start a waiting list I want to be one of the first on it !
    Thanks for all the great audio pleasure you have provided over the years and yet to come .

  4. Best wishes, Paul, for the last design and voicing steps and a successful launch in 2018! The visual impression is great and if your claims pass my reference CD tests the speakers will probably build the last link in my stereo system featuring a P10 as front end link. :-). Could you add some data concerning the dimensions and weight of the 20 k$ version?

  5. Those speakers, with their ideas and engineering sound (figuratively and hopefully literally !) amazing. I really like the idea of buying a whole kit from the power plug to the speakers and everything in between from the same company. And those price point !!!!! Thank you very much for keeping things in the realm of possibility for me without having to re-mortgage my house or selling the kids !

  6. Thanks Paul for this detailed update, had no idea you were this far along, I’m keenly interested in this project. Can you elaborate on what the major differences will be in the three ?

    1. Indeed it is the Genesis 3 cabinet that Arnie was working with when he designed is prototype. I believe it was during this time that he and Gary Koh broke up and went their separate ways. We’re not interested in using the same cabinet design, but the essential elements of sound will be used as our reference.

  7. I own of pair Of Genesis G201 and was in the market to upgrade my speakers. The timing is perfect. Let me know if you need a beta tester – Don’t mind helping to get these beauties launched!

    Also, let me know if your going to have a trade-in program! Lol

  8. Hi Paul:

    I just made the leap and bought your BHK preamp and BHK 300 mono’s to drive my Monitor Audio PL 300 II’s. Are you going to design the speakers around the BHK 300’s? Thinking the BHK’s could be overkill if your speakers are already powered in the bass and mid bass. Looking forward to your updates. Have a great day.

  9. I’m holding off buying my entire system because of this project. 🙂 I’m a believer in sticking with one mfg for obvious reasons. I have about 10-11K earmarked. I really want the 700’s and a Jr. I’m hoping your first tier speakers completes the picture for me! Fingers crossed it’s by fall!

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