The secret of mixing and matching stereo components

May 11, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

6 comments on “The secret of mixing and matching stereo components”

  1. I’ve tried several streamers and some just let you browse your NAS or network and find music.
    Other want a UPN (open home) indexer running on the network. I was very resistant to this, but found so many manufactures use this.I found a free version that would run on my Synology NAS, and ended up with a Lumin D2. Really good, and once used to, a decent IOS app to run it.

    I have not tried an innuos to date.

  2. Experience in home-audio can give you a head-start with successfully mixing
    & matching components but just like reviews, it’s only a guide…you still have
    to do the listening test to know that the combination is right for you.
    And sometimes you can just fluke it 😀

  3. I believe that if I were asked the same question, my answer would focus on a couple attributes of the equipment (assuming we were going down the mixed company route). My focus would be on impedance matching and sensitivity (as closely as possible) between the section layers…and capabilities…being, what one product can do better than another. I’ve mixed/matched for decades…and I also have fully-homogenous systems. The mixed system always makes me smile more…but for different reasons…more to the sound outcome vs. how a system may be aesthetically pleasing. I always remember (to me) that function always performs better form, but it’s what makes you smile most in the end that counts. Just thinking out loud here, but that’s my two cents…

    1. I know that I’m about a day late in wiaing in on this, but here it is.
      You can buy audio equipment from companies like Rogue Carry Conrad Legacy and others.
      But here is somethingg to think about.
      Which company makes every component you need to put together a hole entire system?
      I have a quick answer.
      The reason why I say Mcintosh, is this.
      They make everything from power amps preamps, to turntables CD/SACD transports, DAC’s to speakers, and all the power and audio cables you need, to hook it all up.
      And also, on top of that, Mcintosh offers turntables too!
      How many audio companies do that for you?
      Legacy Audio Conrad and Carry and Rogue won’t.

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