The most important steps in making a recording

November 23, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

8 comments on “The most important steps in making a recording”

  1. Interesting comment about making below the piano.
    When I was a young kid maybe four or five years old my older sister was practicing for recitals and was really concert pianist material.
    Are used to crawl under the piano, sit there and listen to the music. I think this is what really got me started on listening to live quality music and seeking out better recorded music.

  2. Good afternoon Paul!
    After starting out with this recording thing when I was only a 7 year old little boy, I wonder something.
    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this group and or song, but the name of the group, is Sheak.
    The name of the song, is Good Times.
    I figured out how to loop parts of that record, and put it down on an 8track for the up coming wrap group Sugar Hill Gang.
    It was about 6 men in the group.
    Everyone of them, each had a MIC to wrap in to.
    One of them, overlaid the track, by playing drums and bongos on it while the 8track loop was playing.
    It was a live recording that was done in the park, in the medal of the base ball diamond.
    We didn’t use compressors, just a mixing board, and a pare of turntables.
    And 2 copies of the Good Times record.
    We putt together a little ditty called Wrapper’s Delight.
    That record climbed to the top of the charts daring the summer of 1979.
    I was too young to know what they were at the time.
    But now that I look back on it, we did use a cupple of Telifunkin ribbon mics on the drums.
    We also used a condenser mic on the bongos.
    We mixed all of it down to one really big stereo track, and had it cut to 12 inch vinyl discs.
    It went off without even a hitch!

    1. Thanks for watching. Yes, since the earliest days in the 70s with Georgio Moroder and Pete Belotti. I also had access to the AFN studios in the evening and we did plenty of it there though that was all two-track recordings where Georgio’s was a 16-track Studer.

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