The difference between current and voltage

December 1, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

3 comments on “The difference between current and voltage”

  1. Good afternoon Paul!
    You have just described how a microphone preamp and power amp works.
    But you put it in very semple turms.
    Not many techs, myself included, can really do that!
    to tell you the truth, you explained it so very well in a manner, that a child would be able to understand it.
    Grate job man!
    Please keep up the grate work!

    1. John Price,
      Please go to Paul’s Posts – ‘How Much Are We Willing To Miss?’ (Dec 2nd) & read my **OFF TOPIC** post at 3:04am about 360 degree, surround sound-staging headphones.
      This was truly amazing…just to answer your question last week, or the week before, about headphones & sound-staging.

  2. Hi Paul, I think the best way to explain this for non-electrical people as the 3 related Electrical Quantities displayed in water. Volt is the presure on the water, resistance is the pipe dimension, current how much water is flowing.
    Understanding this, wit the same pressure, if you exchange the smaller pipe (= higher resistance), with a bigger pipe (= lower resistance), the water will flow quicker out of the house, so more liters = more current, meaning the 3 are related.
    I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards,

    Erik Wouters

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