The demise of RMAF audio show

November 22, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

9 comments on “The demise of RMAF audio show”

  1. Regardless of where you hail from, if you are an audio-enthusiast then the news
    of the demise any Hi-Fi Show in any part of the world is sad & concerning.
    The last Hi-Fi show that we had here in Sydney was in July 2017 & I’m hoping
    that we will finally have the next one in 2022.

  2. High-end audio shows I used to attend rarely offered show rooms fulfilling basic audiophile requirements. Not to mention the rare chance of getting a listening chair in the sweet spot region. Thus it became more a “meet the experts” event and a discovery tour concerning unknown brands. In the era of high speed internet every new brand has its presence and the former “analog” discovery tour has been transformed to a virtual search. And no problem getting in contact with a responsible guy and check his competence and expertise!

  3. A couple of observations, Paul, to put things in perspective. First, if audio shows were really that important to participants, they would be back in full swing, just like sporting events in the US. The fact is that these shows, as much as I enjoyed them over the years, have outlived their usefulness, as retail sales patterns have changed.
    Second, countries with high vaccination rates, such as the UK and Israel, are experiencing much higher rates of covid infections than countries with low vaccination rates, most likely because antibody response wanes over time and because high vaccination seems to encourage behavioral changes and complacency.
    And, third, and most interesting to me, this has nothing to do with politics, although the media would have us believe so. The fact is that non compliance with vaccination mandates is common at the extremes of the education spectrum. Studies consistently show that the groups who choose to avoid vaccination are the least and the most highly educated, regardless political affiliation.
    In any event, by shifting to an on line sales program, you’ve wisely anticipated the post covid world.

    1. JimKannary summed up the “medical” side in a large nutshell:

      “antibody response with current vacs wane over time and because high vaccination rates seems to encourage behavioral changes and complacency.”

      Proving again that what our current government and media are feeding the “lemmings” are far from scientific fact!

  4. The Polio vaccine is an example of a “perfect”vaccine but this mRNA based Covid vaccine is considered “leaky” and “non durable” so there is no way to vaccinate our way out of this like we could if it were a perfect vaccine. Instead, vaccinating the low risk population actually increases the chance of this thing mutating into a megabug that is completely vaccine resistant and is exactly the opposite direction we should be taking according the the virologist inventor of mRNA technology, Robert Malone and other prominent virologists. Instead, only the elderly and high risk should be vaccinated and the rest of the population encouraged to leverage therapeutics when or before being infected to allow our bodies to generate more durable antibodies than this leaky vaccine is able to do, ultimately reducing this to the level of the common cold. Lot’s of solid science info available regarding leaky vaccines but somehow and for some reason this science (not scientism) based message is being suppressed. Instead they are trying to divide us with labels and shame tactics. Back to music

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