Studio vs home speaker positioning

October 11, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. I am still struggling finding any logical aspect in this argumentation. When hifi is the goal, why not using a decent pair of headphones when making the final mix? And if the goal is producing an optimal sound stage for hone audio, why not performing the mix in a standard listening room and having removed the mixing console as a huge barrier between loudspeakers and listening seat? Or should we all now add barriers between us and our loudspeakers? I am most irritated!

    1. The extra detail provided by good pair of headphones is invaluable when listening critically to a recorded performance. However, headphones seem useless when mixing a track that will be enjoyed over loudspeakers. A track mixed optimally on headphones will often sound muddled over speakers.

  2. I think the attempt to simulate a home listening room in the studio is disingenuous. It is a spin on what is a necessary setup at this point in a positive light.

    Will it be this way when the studio is finished? Where will the speakers be placed then?

    Besides, there is no standard home listening space, which is why expecting musicians to visit us is unrealistic. Most realistic, and practical, is taking us to the venue where the music is recorded.

      1. My question was directed to Paul or someone from PS Audio that knows. Do you now work for them? To someone who knows ATC speakers — I do — your answer is easy to spot as incorrect.

        1. highstream,
          Firstly, no I do not work for PS Audio nor do I work for ATC.
          Even though ATC was founded by an Australian (I’ll let you do the Googling on that point) & I live in Australia, I am not connected with ATC.
          However I have a high-functioning brain that has excellent memory recall.

          Secondly, this is a public forum (do you know what a public forum means?)

          Thirdly, your question was not directed at anyone specifically…you typed,
          (& I quote),”Which ATC’s” which is pretty-much open for anyone to respond to.

          And lastly, Paul has been asked this question before (months ago) & he told us that they were Gus Skinas’ favourite studio monitors, not Paul’s flavour though, & that they are ATC SCM 50’s; so plainly you don’t know what you are talking about, sir.

          Oh, & by the way; ‘You’re welcome’ 🙂

          1. Actually, on further double checking — their website is having problems right now — there are five differently named versions, four current and one legacy, with none of them actually named “SCM50,” which was the point of my question. So no, you offered no help.

            1. highstream,
              What a load of crap!
              You asked a question & I answered it correctly on the basis of what loudspeakers appear in the video & from what Paul McGowan has told us in the past.
              Your tiny ego is just too fragile to admit that you were wrong & to apologise for being so obtuse.
              And now everyone who reads these posts can see that.
              I feel sorry for you.

                1. CtA,
                  Then the question should’ve been more specific, especially in light of ‘highstream’s’ claim that, “To someone who knows ATC speakers – I do-“.

                    1. CtA,
                      What part of, “Then the question should’ve been more specific” do you not understand??

  3. There are three differently named versions of the SCM50, two current in the home line and one old, possibly from the pro line, although I’m not sure if it was in the latter, as it isn’t now. It is not clear from the video angle which one they are.

    1. highstream,
      Paul told us that they are ATC SCM 50’s, & that’s good enough for me.

      You type, “There are three differently named versions of the SCM50,
      two current in the home line and one old,”
      I say, ‘So what?’ they are still SCM 50’s.

      1. Oops, I forgot one: There are six different versions.

        FatRat, That you are unable, let alone unwilling, to provide more than a partial model name is exactly why you should have not butted in. I noticed on Paul’s blog that the latter is your consistent daily style, and that it has the effect of often getting in the way of good discussion and helpful answers. It’s something I don’t like being around, and is a primary reason why I moved on from reading, let alone commenting there. You’ve made it clear that I can’t do better here either. Good to know.

        1. highstream,
          So tell us all, how does someone ‘but-in’ on a public forum, especially when the question that you asked is open to all??
          I answered your question more or less how Paul would have (& has in the past)

          I understand that it is difficult for you to apologise when you are wrong, but that’s your problem, not mine.

          1. If I were to ask you what kind of car you drive and, for example, you said Subaru Outback, you haven’t told me very much. Likewise, after all your posts I still don’t know which model it is (that it is a version of the 50 is obvious to anyone who knows ATC speakers — I have two pairs). I take that to mean that you don’t know.

            1. hightream,
              The model is the ‘SCM 50’…just as the model of the car is the “Subaru Outback”.
              I’m pretty sure that they are the ‘passive’ version & not the actives; but of that I’m not 100% sure.
              You didn’t ask for specifics, (ie. wich version of the SCM 50) in your original question.
              I don’t understand why you can’t recognise our own shortcomings in the way that you originally asked the question.
              Are you & ‘CtA’ related??

      Yes, when someone asks a general question on this site (a general question that anyone can answer) & I am kind enough to answer it for them & then they are rude to me instead of thanking me, then I am well within my rights to “fight fire with fire”…if you get my drift.

  4. I guess most people listen to high-end audio because they like music, they enjoy hearing it reproduced accurately, and they have sufficient disposable income that they can divert to this activity without damaging the financial well-being of their dependents.

    It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to have to read posts from grown adults calling each other names. We’re not going to be able to solve the world’s problems if we can’t have a civil exchange about a loudspeaker model number.

    I enjoyed posting comments in this forum. It helped to clarify my thinking about high end audio, but I’m out of here now.

    1. Mark Thomas,
      In my defence, I don’t see why I should sit idly by whilst being insulted for trying to help someone by answering their general question here on this ‘Ask Paul’ presentation…
      I am not anyone’s door-mat.
      I for one would be sorry to see you go & I would ask you to reconsider your decision to leave.
      Please don’t let dysfunctional human beings like ‘highstream’ & ‘CtA’ force you to curtail
      your enjoyment of this site.
      I would suggest that you simply ignore their posts & just continue on & enjoy the others.
      My best wishes to you whatever you decide.
      Fat Rat

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