Studio monitors vs. audiophile speakers

June 13, 2018
 by Paul McGowan

3 comments on “Studio monitors vs. audiophile speakers”

  1. Hi Paul,
    it is always a matter of conventions and agreements what is called what.
    There are many speakers that can be found in the studio, be it a recording studio or a broadcasting studio, and at home. The famous BBC monitors are an example, but also speakers from Eggelston Works, Harbeth, Neumann, Thiel, JBL, ATC, ProAc and even such giants as the sensational Duntech Sovereign belong to it. Your friend Arnie has also built a loudspeaker he calles a Studio Monitor it was the Infinity Reference Studio Monitor, which did its job at home as well.
    So far I have not met anyone who would have been dissatisfied with speakers of that provenance.

    1. First of all, I love the videos Paul produces and they have gotten me back into the audio hobby after a 40 year absence.
      However this video leaves me perplexed a bit. What seems to be said is that there is a disconnect between what the mixing engineer hears in the mixing studio and what one actually hears in a highly resolving, well set up system and furthermore that what one hears it is better in this system…and that the mixing engineer doesn’t know how that happened.
      This leaves me wondering how that happened too and what we would have if the mixing engineer were using the PS Audio Infinity set up to mix.
      I have Dynaudio Lyd 5 monitors (I bought because my family lives in Skanderborg, Danmark where they are made) with an active crossover to stereo bass units and they sound fine (to me anyway), not great but with the limitations wifey puts on the system aesthetic it could ever be great in my house.

  2. Paul,
    In the Fall of 2016 my wife and I took the “trip of a lifetime”, the Overseas Adventure Travel “Safari Serengeti”, with the post-trip option visiting Zanzibar. After that, we flew to Nairobi, Kenya and visited our son, who worked there at the time.

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