Streaming audio explained

September 9, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. In addition to listening to CDs and vinyl on my system, I also listen to Spotify when I just want to select a playlist and listen in the background. But, I would like to have the best quality available (waiting for Spotify high resolution and Bluetooth LHDC). But for now I listen using my phone which supports AptX HD as does my Bluetooth receiver. The receiver has analog output which of course means there is an integrated DAC. My goal is to get an aptX HD Bluetooth receiver with digital out and feed a better outboard DAC. When looking for such a thing, my question is “If I am using digital out, is there a difference between Bluetooth receivers”? Do some do a better job at outputting a digital signal than others?

    1. Good afternoon Ihorp!
      If you want to do better then bluetooth, you mite want a receiver that can do Apple Airplay.
      Providing that your phone, is an iPhone.
      But as far as Bluetooth receivers go, Audio Ingen makes a Bluetooth receiver that has both an analog and digital outs on it.
      Last time I checked, they were sailing for $89.00.
      To everyone else, Apple Music and Spotify lets you hear the song you want to hear, when you get ready for it.
      But with Spotify, you don’t need a paid subscription.
      You just have to put up with the adds.
      Verizon Wireless has a per motion going on, where you get to try Apple Music free for six months.
      And after that, it’s $9.99 a munth after that.
      To me, that’s a way better deal then what you can get from Apple!
      With Apple, you only get it free, for three months, but it’s still $9.99 a month after that.

  2. It is my sincere hope that PS Audio’s streamer when released will offer the bang-for-the-buck of the Lumin range of products.

    The lowly Lumin D2 ($2,300USD) is really well done, and sounds awesome. Of course it is a ‘closed system’ where streamer and DAC are integrated.

    Nope, it’s not the $15,000.00 unit, but most digital libraries don’t have the quality to justify that. Mine sure does’nt, with the exception of some DSD (*.dsf files), and some FLACs ripped from my better recordings, and a few vinyl-to-digital projects.

    SACDs still okay on my (aging) Oppo Blu-ray.

    Waiting with fewer anticipation for the PSA streamer!

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