Stepping back

September 26, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

5 comments on “Stepping back”

  1. The beauty of buying home-audio gear from reputable companies that allow their prospective customers to have a 30-to-45-day in-home audition is that the customer can't really go backwards because they can do a direct comparison with their current piece of equipment...whatever that might be...& decide for themselves whether the new piece is a step forward or not.

  2. No risk, no reward, no fun either. It's fun to try new gear even if it doesn't always work out. Mistakes are recoverable, all of those mistakes are listed for sale on eBay or other websites if you care to buy it back.

  3. Good morning to everyone in our grate big hifi family!
    Paul, I can remember 2 years ago, you told us all that, you came up with the power plant regenerator in 1990.
    For anyone on here that's in to doing math, that was 32 years ago.
    But as for making mistakes, ya, I've made lots of them.
    But I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doupt, that I've never made a mistake that didn't teach me some kind of a lesson.
    Sometimes, making mistakes, can be the best teacher in the world.
    Some 34 years ago, I was a crasy 16 year old boy.
    But just like all other teenage boys, I loved music.
    And I wanted to listen to it, anywhere I happened to be.
    But at the same time, the music had to sound good to me.
    And so, I walked in to Kmart, and bought myself, a SHARP boombox.
    It had a 3band equalizer built in to it.
    But the thing about its sound, were the cheesy 5inch full range drivers that were built in to it.
    But after awhile, the voice coils were going south on me.
    I guess that happened because, I played it a little too loud.
    And on top of that, the little stereo amp, was a little too big for the speakers that SHARP built in to that boombox.
    And so, I walked in to RadioShack, and bought myself a pare of 20watt, 4ohm RadioShack Special 5inch full range drivers.
    I replaced the stock drivers with those.
    My sister tried to tell me, that I was making a mistake by doing that.
    The only thing that happened, is the boombox got heavier.
    But that was the only drawback.
    But also, I got a way better sound from it, then what the stock speakers could deliver to my ears.
    What I'm trying to tell you all is, I took a step back and forward at the same time.
    Go figure this one!

  4. "When you make a mistake, then you learn." If that were true, most psychologists would be out of business. We also learn a lot from what works, if we pay attention or test for the changes made.

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